Friday, June 24, 2011

Seattle | Street Photography Downtown, Pike Place Market, Buildings, + Infrastructure

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of the Emerald City, one of the most beautiful cities in the world!  As I said before,

Puget Sound in my veins
Born and raised!

Westlake shopping district (above)

Belltown (above)

Harbor Steps (above)
Post Alley (above)
Gum Wall (above)

Pike Place Market (above)
Seattle Grind Coffee (above)
Forza Coffee Company (above)
The Westin + Monorail tracks (above)

Garden of Remembrance (above)
Seattle Art Museum (SAM) (above)

Rainy Christmas Day 2010 (above)

I've many fond memories of our hometown:  First date at Salty's at Alki and at the Pier, taking a horse-drawn carriage ride to which a drunk man outside a bar asked us if we were getting married, we attended many school field trips such as my trip to the court house and to meet the then King County Executive Ron Sims for business law in high school, or our trip to the pier for middle school.  I adore walks at Pike Place.  

Most of all, I love walking downtown, especially on a sunny day year round as the sun brings out the blue in sky and Puget Sound chasing all the overcast blues away.  I love walking downtown!  Rain or shine.  I breathe in the sea salt air; even the smell of wood and tar from the boardwalk makes me feel at home.

By the way, for the record, it doesn't rain 9 months of the year in Seattle. Just gray, as in mostly overcast, not if that makes you feel any better.  Now I know better than to lump people in groups, but I must say:  Locals through-and-through don't carry umbrellas, wear socks with sandals, are tourists year-round, and when they complain about the rain, they don't really mean it.  It's all a ruse.  After all, when the sun comes out and the thermostat creeps past 75'F, they say they wish it were cooler because few of us buy air conditioners.  So we endure sweaty nights with fans going full bore for a few weeks until the weather cools again.  And the cycle continues.  You may think I'm taking this too far, but even the rain puddles look unique and in that way can help you find your car.  Then when the sun comes out, it's why we stay and endure the clouds.  Blue and green, baby, Water, sky, and trees.  It ain't called the Emerald City for nothin'!

Do visit soon.  The folks are friendly enough, though traffic stinks, but in our defense, we're the only city that I know of with a large lake smack-dab in the middle.  Yes, we don't pre-treat our roads, so when it snows, the traffic stops for hours on end or even buses slide down hills like sleds.  We have hills, too, and 14K' worth of peaks.  Just don't tell anyone I told you to come.  They'll get mad at me as they'll think I inadvertently contributed to making our traffic worse by inviting more people to come visit, or worst, "transplants" who of course don't know how to drive courteously ("No, you go," "No, you go," and so on) or at all.  But by the looks of Puget Sound, I suspect that the city is large enough to handle a few new faces.  You can say you heard this from me:  the clouds hide our best kept secret... Seattle's a gem worthy of it's name!