Thursday, April 28, 2011

For the Love of Tea: Why I Heart Tea!

Hi Friends,

Long day?

Permit me to introduce you to my fancy:  Tea!  

Fun mother-load from the tea shop! (above)

Electric Tea kettle via Target (above)

Jiaougulan mulberry oolong (made from orchid; above)

Tea Pantry (above 2)

For my purse... just in case! (above)
Mint chai+Star anise+fennel (my blend; above)
Blue People oolong+Purple roses (above)
Blue People oolong (above)
White chrysanthemum (above)
Osmanthus (above)
Champagne oolong (above)
Matcha (above)
Hojicha (above)
Pu'erh cake N mini-pressed cake (above)
Dong ding oolong (above)
Monkey pick oolong (above)
Dragonwell green (above)
Carrot juice+five spice+matcha+hot water (above)
Yixing tea pot (above)
Blue people + osmanthus (above)
For the Love of Tea (above)
I began my love of tea during undergraduate days when I frequented a local tea house.  Now I enjoy many flavors:  Panda pearl white, jade, blue people, monkey pick, narcissus, dong ding, and big red robe oolongs, dragonwell or oasis green, pu'erh, ginger spice red, osmanthus, and white chrysanthemum.  I also enjoy Japanese teas such as hojicha and matcha.  I like South African honeybush and rooibus, especially rooibus chai.  

I appreciate the full-bodied hojicha and affordable matcha from Shinka Tea.  I order most of my tea loose leaf and in-person from Xiu Xian Tea or Vital Tea Leaf, where you can "try before you buy" at a tea-tasting.  My friend likened the experience to dating.  What she saw as too many choices, I saw as opportunity!  When in Capital Hill, I visit Remedy Tea.  When in Spokane, WA, I like Atticus.  I occasionally order online from Enjoying Tea or Imperial Tea Garden.  I may soon try Pu'erh Shop!  Your tea shop not listed here? Be free to mention it in the comments below as I'm always searching for new tea shops and friends!

I <3 Tea because Tea gives a quiet routine, a delicious taste, an occasion for friendship, and a comforting appeal.  I feel healthy and relaxed when I drink tea.  I remember that all will be well.  I enjoy drinking tea to celebrate and have fun with new friends and old.  I can choose from a variety of teas the world over.  Anywhere in the world I go, I am likely to find a cup of tea, and with that, a friend.  This belief contributes to why I've a bookmarks folder labeled "Tea" under "Civic."  Can tea brew world peace?  If God blesses for a cup of cold water in his Son's name, what will he think of a cup of tea?  :D Though I regard Christ as my Prince of Peace, a cup of tea proffered in peace bodes well at my home.  

Wo xiang he cha!
I would like some tea }
Qing gai wo cha!
Please give me some tea }
What's your favorite brew? 
 Want to meet up sometime? 
Lets!... Over a cup of tea!

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Happy Sipping,