Friday, March 25, 2011

Trajectory and Links in Narrative Healthcare

Hi Colleagues and Friends,

This post describes my research interests and trajectory communication, leadership, the arts and technology and how they relate to narrative healthcare.  I studied English and Communication at the University of Washington, and I recently finished my Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University where I learned how important it is to apply what I learn for a social benefit.  There I developed my interests in what I call narrative healthcare.  

Relationships as research context (see Tillman-Healy and Denzin; me/Grandma, above)

I wrote my Master's Thesis on narrative healthcare via my experience.  Specifically, I explored my fear of death in end of life caregiving contexts via my experiences with my maternal grandmother's end of life via photographs and poems that I produced on a blog.  From this work, I created The Living Memorial, a communication project to build community using digital storytelling in loss.

The Living Memorial digital communication project (above)

Moving forward, I encourage people and organizations to apply an ethic for drawing near to others and to integrate technology and the arts into healthcare. Learn more about my research and my consulting work in these areas. I welcome you to consider my thesis and how applying art, communication, and leadership theory and practice to healthcare can benefit people experiencing difficult situations.

Text and Pixels consulting collage (above)

I am also interested in improving communication in healthcare through the use of technology, such as designing chart-sharing systems, amassing oral, textual, and visual narratives from aging populations, and consulting healthcare and community organizations and people to educate leaders in the field on creating narrative healthcare sensibilities and programs in their contexts.  

Narrative Healthcare and Leadership Ethic Diagram (adapted from Carey, 1999, above)

Supporting this effort, I want to help design ethical approaches to communicating in healthcare settings that allow physicians and patients to dialogue as clinicians and constituents.  I use these terms carefully because how we speak about health influences how we design and deliver health, which in turn always bears ethical challenges.  Learn more about my focus in communication and leadership

Me in March 2011 (above)

I continue to seek ways to integrate my studies, professional practice, and passion for health with technology, social sciences, arts/humanities, and public policy for a social benefit.  Here is a link list of salient organizations or articles.  Notice the overlap with content areas.  I imagine this list will grow over time, and I welcome your suggestions:


Social Sciences


Follow Text and Pixels on Twitter for more health-related links.  Read this Blog's category Narrative Healthcare for more on unique digital arts-based approaches to health.  Access my thesis' reference list for salient sources.  Visit Text and Pixels to learn about my work consulting organizations with health communication, digital arts/media, and social networking.

What ideas or resources do you want to share about narrative health [care]?  

Thank you for reading.