Thursday, February 3, 2011

University of Washington Graduation [2001]

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll from the archives of undergraduate graduation from University of Washington in 2001.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication with emphases in Creative Writing and Mass Media Studies, respectively:

Me on Hub Lawn (above by Mom)
Thanks Mom N Dad for investing with me in my BA! (above)
Me in front of Communication Building (above by Choon Ying)
Drumheller Fountain (above)
Communication Building (above)
English Department Brunch w/Parents! (above)

Graduation pixels (above series)
Over the next 10 years, mentors guided me through fears and transitions. I learned to contribute a vocational life.  I started a photography business, enrolled and successfully graduated from Gonzaga University with a MA in Communication and Leadership Studies, wrote manuscripts, developed a consulting practice, and enrolled in a doctorate program.  

I completed a 2-year course at my church on the book of Romans, more or less a treatise on Judaic-Christianity.  I reconfigured my faith and contribution.  I connected with new friends and located courage for new goals.  My maternal grandma and I bonded, and then she died. I blogged remembrances that provided the text for my Master's thesis.  

I inquire on health development, which became the content for my research interests in continuing education via themes of techno-culture, writing, photography, and leadership.

I'm grateful for God's faithfulness to teach me life on a larger scale.  I aspire to contribute vocation to benefit the triune ethic:  Love God/People/Self in our co-created world.  Enjoy the journey because love trumps fear!  With this knowledge I endeavor to apply each of my experiences, gifts, and career in culturally engaging ways for a social benefit, such as fear, organizational leadership and development consulting, education reform, and health narratives.

Communication building (2011; above)
I find it refreshing to relive UW graduation in a happy way!  Go Huskies!  I also loved working at the Hub, or Husky Union Building, in reservation/event services.  Now I wet my palette for a new round of commencement celebration this May (Go Zags!)!  Thank you to those of you for supporting, and celebrating my accomplishments through the years!

Reflecting back (2011; above)
Update 2012 June 29 | I began doctoral studies at Grand Canyon University's EdD in Organizational Leadership & Development in July 2012! Onward!

Happily and with Gratitude,