Thursday, February 17, 2011

Editorial Photography

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of my favorite editorial photographs, which include some of my work from my days providing pictorial content for Renton Magazine and The Business Report:


I appreciate networking with colleagues and collaborating to create quality and creative event and editorial projects for persons and organizations.  I also seek to consult and serve others in healthcare environments via the expressive arts (see my Master's Thesis), such as those experiencing illness, loss, trauma, or grief.  

My mission includes encouraging and supporting people's growth and healing during adversity.  My modalities include photography, creative non- and fiction writing, expository writing, blogging, social networking, auto/ethnographic qualitative research, journals, photo/journalism, collages, and scrapbook.  I want to add audiovisual montages as well to my repertoire.  I call this genre of work narrative healthcare, where I apply my modalities, or health narratives.  Learn more at Text and Pixels.  I am a member of Editorial Photographers.

Thank you for reading/viewing!  Be free to contact me with any inquiries on how my work can benefit you or your organization.