Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Consulting and Networking Cards

Hi Colleauges,

I designed and ordered consulting and networking cards today for Dena Rosko and Text and Pixels:

Front (above)
Back (above)
I call the Text and Pixels card my "consulting" card because Text and Pixels is all about consulting via expressive arts, digital media, communication, and vocational development.  I call the Dena Rosko cards "networking" cards as I genuinely enjoy connecting and collaborating with people via my research and vocational trajectory.

For those of you interested in designing your own cards, I used Publisher, embedded fonts, CMYK color profile, and saved 300 dpi as a PNG file.  I found this color conversion site helpful.  I like Overnight Prints for its sturdy cardstock, User Interface, ease of ordering, affordable price structure, product assortment, and ability to upload my own design.  The main drawback involves turnaround time and returns process:  Normal processing can take weeks to print and then ship.  If you need to return the design, the process is somewhat tedious and takes more, again, time.  So design and order early before your stock runs out.  Be sure to check for available coupon codes to help with cost.

Update I: Overnight Prints finally resolved a mis-print and mis-ship as of 3/28/2011, more than 1 month my order date.  I'm still without the cards, and must ship back the order with a UPS label they provided, then they will issue a refund so I can re-order... and wait up to 3 weeks to receive my order.  Again.  After agreeing on the refund option, ONP then printed and mailed more cards.  Sent those back, too, after lengthy email threads.

Update II: As of 4/20/11, received my refund, nearly 2 months after my initial order.

Update III: I could find no other printer who used 15 pt card stock, matte finish, dual side, upload own design at the affordability of OP.  It's that sturdy card stock that keeps me coming back.  I created an image behind the photo instead of using the border feature as that printed misaligned.  I really like the 2-in-1 of my economical design, or networking/research on 1 side, and consulting on the other.

I'm happy to report that the cards arrived expeditiously and in good shape! I finally have restocked this important and interactive networking tool!

Paper version! (above)
Overall, I'm super happy with the designs.  In a concise fashion I can present who/what I'm about.  Plus they're economical:  I share my networking, research, and consulting work on one nifty piece of card stock. I branded them to their respective websites and to each other while maintaining the color schema and feel of each.

Please note copyright.  Text and Pixels serves as my consulting channel, and Dena Rosko my research and about channel.  Check them out, peruse this blog, and be free to contact me for more information should my skill sets and interests support you or your organization.