Saturday, June 16, 2012

Resume, CV, Statements, and Writing Sample

Hi Colleagues,

For your convenience and environmental sustainability, access my resume, CV, and writing sample:

I created the resume, CV, program and purpose statements, and writing sample for research, doctoral, consulting, and employment opportunities.  The CV lists publications, research interests, organizational development, consulting, volunteer, and facilitation work, exemplary intermedia projects, books in progress, presentations, papers, short stories, courses, and awards.

I consult to develop organizations via intermedia narrative and inquiry, communication strategy, and dialogic leadership for health, education, and the public commons. I embed vocational design with for well-being, quality, and results. I enjoy networking and connecting with people.  I encourage contribution.

I collaborate with research colleagues, innovative with industry partners, and advise civic leaders to strategize and coordinate communication. I produce creative content such as writing, intermedia, photography, social media, and online engagement and integration.  I enjoy mentoring people's vocational goals, teaching and tutoring writing, encouraging organizations' morale, and discovering vision via writing and storytelling inquiry.  I work well facilitating or leading creative on-ground or virtual teams.

I respect an organizational culture that values well-being, creative inquiry, and collaboration, that intersects with my standards for product excellence and scholarship rigor, and that remembers the human element in all transactions.

Access my Master's thesis to learn more about my previous applied study.  I desire to publish books and edit anthologies.


Please visit

Access my research and portfolio.  Legitimate and relevant consulting, photography, writing, employment, networking, and education inquiries only. Thank you for your interest!

Developing & Consulting
People & Organizations to 
Write, Communicate & Lead for 
Health, Education & the Public Commons

Collaborating with People & Organizations
to Share Story in Text and Pixels:
What's Your Story?


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