Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year's Regenerations [2012]

Greetings on this last day of January 2011!  Happy New Year 2012!  Enjoy these reflections on the new year:

January Sunset: Live each day as a new "year" (above)

I don't make resolutions on the first of the new year.  Rather, I reflect on themes, and apply them moving forward.  This year, I reflected, journaled, studied, and prayed my way through January amid health-related inquiry, socializing, networking, and the much needed recharge.  I read through the book of Proverbs, a book on wisdom in the Bible.  Conveniently, there are 31 chapters, so I read 1 per day starting January 1st.  I desired to grow in wisdom in part by doing an "all systems check" on myself:  attitude, faith, relationships, goals, career, health, and so on.  I've since filled a journal worth of pages and let myself feel regrets, sadness, sentiment, happiness.  So my new year's regenerations are more desires or mindsets and not necessarily goals.  Recognizing I've only today, I desire to grow in these areas:

  • Joy amid pain so much so that memories of 2011 will be... of joy!
  • Speak a kind and appreciative word daily to my husband
  • Friendship and fun
  • Publish or "in press" status 1 book
  • Find the value seeded in adversity and then state in the positive what I want
  • Succeed in health-related inquiry
  • Succeed in earning income at what I'm made to do
  • Walk at commencement and enjoy graduation! 
  • Trust in God=Love and other's love for me
  • Be confident that I've a future
  • Represent Jesus w/o shame in congruent word and deed
  • Live today as in "give us this day our daily bread"
  • Love, love, love more and more
  • Choose Life and LIVE!

Why "regenerations?"  Something about mortality awareness kicks me in the pants.  While such seems a sad place to start a new year, I find wisdom and perspective in considering my lifespan and how/why I want to live a certain way.  I recently read a eulogy where an amazing woman wrote her top 3 joys in life shortly before she died:
1.  Faithful love for God
2.  Life with a man who "rolled her socks up and down"
3.  Legacy passed onto children who make the world better
It seems that without these top 3 priorities, all other accomplishments come at the expense of others and my own wholeness. "The last words in her journal are 'It doesn't get any better than this,' underlined, with an exclamation point!" (With respect and appreciation, Shomon, 2011, January 30).

Am I so grateful and in tune?  Regenerating means becoming new, or changing from what was before.  If I've regret from the past it's not pursuing such a mindset.  "Forget the past and see and perceive the new things I'm doing for you... I am making a way in the wilderness..." (Isaiah 43:18-19) reminds me that life is a journey, yes, but often a race needing intent, action, and one's whole devotion, passion, attention... and priorities (not to mention an eternal perspective).  There is a good sorrow that leads to life; a twinge of regret over not keeping your resolutions for 2011 so far?  Cheer up!  This is a new day God has made (Psa. 118:2) and he promised to "redeem the years the locusts have eaten" (Joel 2:25).  Remember that while the past does not define you, how we behave daily will become the substance of our lifetime.  So we choose wisely.

Years back a friend told me to "choose life" during a difficult time for my confidence and health.  Choosing life means believing even in painful or seemingly impossible situations that God will make a way.  Wait and look for it.  Choosing life also accepting responsibility of my actions and choices, learning from the challenges or mistakes, and moving on with this new-found understanding.  As this year seems fraught so far with uncertainty, I enjoyed these quotes on change and want to better rest by truly trusting God loves us, has a plan for us, and we are each other's gift.

So instead of a "to do" list of resolutions, what's on your "renew" list?

I'm already grateful for the professionals helping, networking, and mentoring me for next steps, and for the beautiful friend who treated me to a five course meal to congratulate my achievements in 2010.  While I've much to tackle this next year, I'm glad it's almost February and pause to appreciate the finer things!