Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Official | MA in Communication and Leadership Studies

Hi Colleagues!

Today I celebrate my Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership Studies with Gonzaga University, which posted on my transcript!  I want to walk at Commencement in May, 2011.  So it's official:  I wrapped up the degree in good standing! 

Screen image of my degree date (above)
Access my resume and writing sampleLearn more about my work in my MA program and my current trajectory at

I started this program (see my Future story) with an intense desire to demonstrate quality and credible results consistent with my faith-based focus, creative competencies, challenges, and dreams:  No regrets!  Take courage and invest in your life path and pond via your gifts, too!

Read the Acknowledgment section of my Thesis for the many thank you's!  

Thank you for sharing the joy,